AILET and CLAT are two of the nation's top law exams that help students get into the country's top law schools.

Judiciary Exams

Apart from becoming a lawyer, an LL.B. degree is also your ticket to sit for judiciary exams in India.

How is the President of India Elected?

While elections are a fairly well known topic, the election of the President of India is not well known to the layman.

How to prepare for AILET 2025

Preparing for the coveted All India Law Entrance Test (AILET) for NLU Delhi is not an easy task.

Legal Process Outsourcing

Legal Process Outsourcing can be a great way for big firms and legal talent to come together.

Government Exams after LLB

Explore the avenues in the government sector after an LLB degree. Know which all exams to take and what is the eligibility for each one of them.

Law of Torts in India

Law of Torts in India For a law aspirant, torts might sound Greek.

Career opportunities after CLAT

CLAT also referred to as the Common Law Admission Test.

Top 5 Reasons to take the CLAT 2024 exam

The Common Law Admission Test commonly known as CLAT.

What if I fail to get an NLU through CLAT?

CLAT is one of India's most important admission exams for law students.

How to Prepare for CLAT 2025?

Someone looking at a successful career in law should know about how crucial NLUs can be in their professional journey.

CLAT Section wise plan, CLAT Preparation Tips

If you’ve stumbled across this post then you must have the question ‘Is it even possible to crack CLAT 2024 in just one month?”

How to prepare Legal Reasoning for CLAT

The CLAT Legal Reasoning component is intended to assess a candidate's interest in law.

CLAT Logical Reasoning

Among the several sections of the CLAT, Logical Reasoning is crucial because it examines a candidate's ability to think

Social Advocacy

Who can better help and reform the society than people who understand the constitution and the law comprehensively.

3-Year and 5-Year LL.B. Degree Course

If you’re confused between 3-Year and 5-Year LL.B. degree courses, then this page is for you.

MBA after Law

MBA and Law are both stellar career options separately, but an MBA after Law is among the most sought-after options.

CLAT Online Coaching v/s CLAT Offline Coaching

CLAT Online & Offline coaching are two choices with equating cons & pros. Check which one is right for you.

CLAT Quantitative Techniques

The Quantitative Technique section of CLAT garners a lot of opposing views. Let’s see how you can prepare for it effectively.

Working in a Law Firm

A law firm is usually a partnership between lawyers who have come together to offer their expertise to clients under one name.

Government Exams after LLB

Explore the avenues in the government sector after an LLB degree.

NLU vs Non-NLU

While NLUs are the benchmark when it comes to law colleges in India.

Corporate Counsel

Know about Corporate Counsel as a career–its scope, pros, cons and more.

How to Prepare for CLAT and Boards Together

It takes proper strategizing and time at hand to prepare for CLAT and Board exams together.

Law College & Co-Curricular Activities

Law Colleges and law as a profession in general has always been assumed to be a serious one.

LLM Colleges in India and Abroad

Explore the top colleges and universities offering LLM programs within the country and abroad.

Careers in Law

Only in the legal profession can you conceive of several opportunities. However, one key issue that every student has is, "What are the career opportunities after law?"

Benefits of Pursuing Law

Almost every day, numerous organizations are dealing with legal issues. These legal issues might range in severity from minor to major.