The All India Law Entrance Test (AILET) is a gateway to one of India's top law schools, NLU Delhi. The exam is taken by almost 20,000 students every year. Out of which, NLU offers 120 seats for BA LLB(Hons.) Programme and 70 seats for LLM Programme.

Although many other institutes accept AILET scores, NLU Delhi is the most prestigious of the lot. Considering the proportion of aspirants that take AILET to the aspirants that get selected, AILET is one of the toughest law exams in India. So it is best that one starts early and puts in guided efforts towards this goal. 

AILET consists of three sections, namely:

  • English Language
  • Current Affairs & General Knowledge
  • Logical Reasoning

Preparation Plan Overview

  • Start Early: Beginning the preparation early will allow you more time to learn the ideas, practice problems, and revise the concepts. 
  • Customize Your Plan: Preparation methods may differ as per your schedule. As a result, schedule your preparation accordingly and accomplish the assignment on time.

In this post, we’ll go over the preparation plan for AILET 2025 and list other important information to help you ace AILET!

AILET 2025: Section-wise Syllabus

The AILET syllabus is essential for exam preparation; find all of the important topics for the sections below.



English Language

  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Inference-based questions
  • Sentence completion/ correction 
  • Synonyms and antonyms
  • Adjectives
  • Word Usage
  • Nouns/ Pronouns
  • Foreign Words/Phrase
  • Para Jumbles

Current Affairs, including General Knowledge

  • The historical significance of India and the world
  • Geography of India and the world
  • Indian Politics 
  • Indian Economy 
  • Environmental and social sciences
  • Functions of UN Bodies, WHO, UNESCO
  • Administrations of Indian states and UTs
  • Banking, Finance, and Corporations
  • Awards and Achievements 
  • Sports and Entertainment 
  • Information, Technology, and Science

Logical Reasoning

  • Series
  • Blood Relations
  • Pairing 
  • Directions
  • Statements and Conclusions
  • Critical Reasoning 
  • Syllogism
  • Analogy

AILET 2025: Preparation Plan and Tips

Let's start with some AILET preparation tips from our specialists to get the right solution to "How to Prepare for AILET"

  • Concentrate on speed and precision.
  • Topic coverage is more essential than topic depth.
  • Read newspapers and magazines to stay up to date on current events.
  • Practice answering logical thinking problems.

AILET 2025: Section-wise Preparation Tips


It is critical to do well in the English Language component of AILET 2025, as this section will consist of 50 questions for 50 marks. It also requires a strategic and focused approach. Here are some of the best English preparation tips for the AILET exam:

1. Read Newspaper Daily

Make it a practice to read newspapers every day. This increases reading speed, broadens general and contextual vocabulary, and keeps you up to date on monthly current events, which can help with comprehension passages.

2. Improve your Vocabulary

Use a two-level approach for vocabulary. To begin, broaden your general vocabulary by acquiring new terms regularly. Make use of flashcards, smartphone applications, and word lists.

Second, concentrate on contextual vocabulary by comprehending how words are utilized in various phrases. Pay close attention to synonyms and antonyms, since they will be questioned frequently.

3. Study Grammar Basics

The English language syllabus includes grammar up to class 10, go over your basic grammar books again. Pay attention to tense, voice, narrative, articles, prepositions, conjunctions, and sentence construction principles. Regularly doing grammar exercises will be very beneficial.

4. Comprehension and Idioms & Phrases

Every day, practice reading comprehension by answering passages from diverse sources. Concentrate on comprehending the paragraphs' topic, tone, and major point.

-Increase your reading speed without sacrificing comprehension. Compile a collection of frequently used idioms and phrases. Understand their definitions and applications in various circumstances. This will assist with both direct queries and comprehension of difficult material.


The Current Affairs, including the General Knowledge section of AILET 2025 will consist of 30 questions of 30 marks in total. A well-rounded approach focused on static and dynamic components of general knowledge is required to excel in this section. Here are some of the best Current Affairs including GK preparation tips for the AILET exam:

1. Regular Reading

Devote time each day to reading newspapers, watching news channels, and subscribing to monthly current affairs publications for complete coverage of global events.

2. Know about Recent Events and their Dates

Focus on events during the last 8-9 months, as current events frequently stress recent occurrences. Make a timeline of key events to comprehend their order and significance.

Maintain a separate notebook or digital document for marking notable dates, particularly in areas such as sports accomplishments, historical events, anniversaries, and major national and international days.

3. Make a Solid Revision Strategy

Revisit the concepts you learned the day before to help your recall. A short check of notes or a skim of the headlines might be included. Take some time at the end of each day to reflect on what you learned. This might entail summarizing the main elements or testing yourself on significant dates and events.


The Logical Reasoning section of AILET 2025 will consist of 70 questions of 70 marks. As it carries the most marks, it requires a focused approach and consistent practice. To ace the Logical Reasoning section candidates are highly advised to go over the important topics listed above as thoroughly as they can. 

Apart from that, here are some of the best Logical Reasoning preparation tips for the AILET exam:

  • Practice is the most important part of logical reasoning as simply knowing the fundamentals won't be enough to score well in this section. 
  • Pay special attention to paradoxes, parallel thinking, boldface questions, syllogism, analogies, logical sequencing, and blood ties. 
  • It is critical to practice prior years' papers to master this subject.
  • Attempt to practice more puzzle-related problems that need more thinking.
  • After practicing, go over your answers and figure out where you went wrong.
  • Practice many problem kinds, such as sequencing, grouping, and distribution puzzles.

Books for AILET 2025 Preparation

The table below lists the books for AILET 2024 preparation.


Books and Author

English Language

  • Objective General English and Quick Learning by RS Aggarwal
  • Objective English for Competitive Examination by Tata McGraw Hill
  • English Grammar and Composition by Rao N and DV Prasada

Current Affairs, including General Knowledge

  • General Knowledge (Latest Current Affairs & Who's Who) by RPH Editorial Board
  • Lucent’s General Knowledge by Lucent
  • Current Affairs Yearly by Arihant Experts

Logical Reasoning

  • Logical Reasoning by Samiksha Gupta and R K Gupta
  • Universal's Logical Reasoning r Law Entrance Exams (Like LSAT) by Jain Prateek