Every year, thousands of students from throughout the country take this test in order to pursue a career in law.

  • For CLAT UG, the CLAT 2024 exam is conducted for admission to a five-year integrated LLB (BA LLB, BBA LLB, BSc LLB, BCom LLB, etc.) degree.
  • For CLAT PG, the CLAT 2024 exam is conducted for admission to the LLM (Masters in Laws) course.

Every year, thousands of people take the CLAT exam. Nonetheless, many are unsure whether CLAT is worth the effort. They ask about the advantages of taking CLAT, while others consider how CLAT might help them advance in their careers. Let’s see the top five reasons to take the CLAT 2024 exam.

Top 5 Reasons to Take CLAT 2024

Let’s start with how taking the CLAT exam can skyrocket your career.

A swift gateway to top NLUs in India

CLAT is the entry point to several of India's best law schools. Among these are the National Law School of India University (NLSIU) in Bangalore, the National Law University (NLU) in Delhi, the National Law Institute University (NLIU) in Bhopal, and several more. These law schools provide outstanding legal education and have a strong reputation in the legal community.

A degree from one of these universities will help you get a successful job in the legal field. The legal sector is extremely competitive, and a degree from a top law school might provide you an advantage in the employment market.

Click below to see the list of all NLUs that accept students who have passed CLAT.

Opens the door to multiple opportunities

A degree in law opens up a variety of professional options for you. You can practice law, serve as a legal consultant or advisor, become a judge or magistrate, join law firms, or work for corporations, non-governmental organizations, academia, or the government. The legal sector is large and offers several work options.

#Career in Law

With the backing of an NLU, you can work as a lawyer in a legal firm or create your own. Lawyers are well-respected professionals, and a legal career may be financially profitable.

#Career in the Corporate sector

With CLAT in the bag, you can join a corporate law firm or work in a company's legal department. Corporate attorneys are in high demand, and firms are ready to pay top dollar for qualified corporate lawyers.

#Working with NGOs

You can collaborate with non-governmental organizations that focus on legal concerns. Many (NGOs) focus on problems such as human rights, environmental legislation, and public interest litigation. A legal degree can help you work with these NGOs and make a difference in society.

Gateway to Top Law Firms and Corporates

CLAT gives you the opportunity to work at some of the best firms in the world. According to NLU placement data, NLU students receive placement ranging from INR 4-16 lakh per annum at the completion of a law course. Some of the leading law firms involved in the NLU placement process are:

  • Majmudar & Co
  • Fox Mandal & Associates
  • Khaitan & Co
  • AZB & Partners
  • Argus Partners

Top corporates that are also involved in the NLU placement include:

  • ICICI Bank
  • Times of India
  • Tata Sons Ltd
  • Star India
  • Ernst & Young
  • Deutsche Bank

Competitive Advantage

With a rising number of students choosing law as a career, CLAT gives you a competitive advantage in the employment market. When looking for positions in the legal business, a degree from a top law school might offer you an advantage over other candidates.

Law firms and corporations want to hire people who have graduated from a prestigious law school. A degree from a top law school demonstrates that you have acquired a high-quality legal education and possess the necessary abilities to flourish in the legal sector.


Law education encompasses critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and research abilities in addition to legal knowledge. These are crucial abilities for any job, and law school helps you acquire them.

Students must study case law, do legal research, and explain their ideas in a clear and simple manner. This aids pupils' critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication abilities.

They must also perform considerable study on legal topics as part of their legal education. This assists students in honing their research abilities as well as learning how to assess and comprehend legal information.

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The Takeaway

Law education is essential for anybody interested in a career in law or any field that deals with legal issues. It fosters critical thinking, analytical abilities, and effective communication skills. A legal degree brings you a variety of job options as well as the opportunity to have a beneficial effect on society.

The CLAT exam is the entry point to top legal schools in India, giving you a competitive advantage in the employment market. If you want to work in the legal business and make a difference, CLAT is an ideal choice.