How to prepare for CLAT and boards together?

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Class 12 is a very busy and overwhelming time for all students. Added to competing in their school, there is the added pressure of preparing for multiple entrance tests and college applications. Two such tests are CLAT and AILET. These tests are held in December, less than three months before boards, so it may be difficult for the students to simultaneously prepare for both. However, there are always helping hands out there to guide students through their preparations.

Follow some expert recommendations given below to optimize your time, and be confident about every exam!

  1. Start early: If you are certain about taking CLAT and AILET well in advance, start your preparations asap! It is never too soon. Judge your readiness for every section of these tests, and strengthen your weak areas.
  2. Take mock tests: Mock tests have multifold benefits.
    • Get accustomed to the test pattern and environment
    • Judge your level of preparation
    • In mock tests provided by us, you will also find a thorough analysis of your weaknesses and strengths, along with personalized strategic insights
    • Consistently taking mocks and analyzing them helps significantly in improving your scores as has been proven by our former students
    • Mock tests are easily available for every entrance exam as well as the school curriculums
  3. Focus on the basics: For both boards and CLAT and AILET, concepts from classes 8-10 are tested. The only difference is the difficulty level and additional content for those concepts. Go through the CLAT syllabus to familiarize yourself with the material that is common for all preparation.
  4. Keep a tab of all deadlines: Knowing when to complete your application process and when the correction window will be open adds significantly to making the preparation process easy. It not only eliminates the last-minute hassle and stress, it also creates a sense of preparedness and confidence for the student. Remember, tests are not just about D-day, they are about months of preparation before that, and careful observation after.
  5. Ensure personal well-being: Make sure to distribute your study time between boards and entrances, and make sure to be consistent with them. However, don’t forget all the other things including your hobbies, sleep, meals, and friends and family.

"Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four-hour days." – Zig Ziglar

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