How to prepare for CLAT in class 12th?

Class 12 is a very interesting phase in the life of an Indian teen. With so much to cherish about later in the life, albeit a few bad incidents, this stage of life is unforgettable. But there's another aspect to it as well- the fear of Board Exams. Class 12 is no doubt, considered to be one of the most defining moments in the life of an Indian student.

And if one is also aiming to write CLAT post the board exams, sleepless nights, anxiety seems the order of the day. However, one can taste success in both, provided one is good at time management. You need to be consistent in your approach, whether it's board exams or CLAT prep.

CLAT is a test of one's aptitude and reasoning abilities and doesn't need one to slog extensively like the preparation for IITs or NEET. Smart time management coupled with focus on health, will help you to succeed in both exams, boards and CLAT.

Start Early!

Many students are not fortunate to know about their goals while in school, while some even plan it early. If you have clarity about your goal to be in one of the top National Law Universities like NLSIU, NALSAR etc, you must start early. Don't wait for vacations to arrive. Most of the schools start their class XII curriculum in March-April. Ensure you start early for your boards as well as law entrance prep, the same time. While the curriculum at school will continue at its own pace, you can always take a stride and complete the syllabus by August-September, if you start early. Utilize the time during summer vacations to get ahead.

Be focused

While you may have planned it early, it is very important to stay focused to your goal, all throughout. Do not let distraction affect your studies. While it is important to be socially active, you must put a limit to it. Continue to enjoy, don't let monotony creep in but ensure it doesn't cost you your plans.

Plan and stick to it

Once you have finalized your goal to crack CLAT, next step is to finalize a plan for the preparation. While every student makes study plans, but very few of them can follow it to the core. Make simple plan involving weekly goals. A sample plan to help you make one of your own:

*The plan assumes you put more hours during summer vacations in May and considers

Pre-boards and Boards.

You can use the above plan to make your own subject-wise plan, but you must stick to it, once done.

CLAT is a test of how faster you can comprehend the data and do mental calculations. Regular practice will enable you to master the art.

Write Mocks on Schedule:

While you continue to master the concepts, it is important to evaluate your preparation regularly. Mocks are an important tool to help you benchmark yourself against other aspirants and judge your level of readiness. While you analyze your performance in Mocks, you learn about your areas of strengths and weaknesses which can be worked upon.

"Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days." – Zig Ziglar

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