All-India Open Mock CLAT 2023

The All-India Open Mock CLAT (AIMCLAT) offers a variety of benefits for a CLAT test taker including:

  • All India Benchmarking
  • In-depth performance analysis
  • Compete against 15,000+ CLAT 2023 aspirants
Session Details

4 December 2022 (Sunday)

All Day



(LST Students)

199 49* only!

(Non-LST Students)

For CLAT 2023 Aspirants


*T&C Apply

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Top Ranks in CLAT & AILET for 15 Consecutive years

8 Out of top 10 ranks in

CLAT 2022

9 Out of top 10 ranks in

AILET 2022

9 Out of top 10 ranks in

CLAT 2021

5 Out of top 5 ranks in

AILET 2021

More about AIMCLAT 2023

  • AIMCLAT 2023 is the perfect rehearsal for the actual exam, where your performance will be benchmarked vis-a-vis 15,000+ CLAT 2023 aspirants across the country.
  • It is an online mock test, results for which will be available on the free personalized student learning dashboard at
  • The results will be declared within 4 days of the mock.
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Why should one write AIMCLAT 2023?


Evaluate how prepared you are

Compete against 15000+ of CLAT 2023 aspirants to get a clear picture of where you stand as compared to your peers.


Know more about your strengths and weaknesses

The mock will be followed by an in depth analysis of your strong & weak points. This, in turn, will help you give last-minute tweaks to your exam strategy and maximize your score.


Understand the intricacies of CLAT

If you are determined to ace CLAT 2023, you will need to familiarize yourself with the intricacies of the test. And LST’s AIMCLAT is the best-simulated experience of CLAT that is available.


Get the best outcome from your preparation

Our AIMCLAT has been designed to give you a rough idea of what your actual CLAT score and rank could be. This will help you plan better in the days remaining before the exam.

Analysis tools available with LST’s AIMCLAT 2023

One of the biggest benefits of attempting the AIMCLAT 2023 is the analysis that is made available to you. It will help you draw up a plan on how to give the final touches to your CLAT 2023 preparation. This includes not only a strategy to maximize your overall score but also the score in each section.

Drill-Down Analysis

The Drill-Down analysis will help you identify how you have performed within each topic of every section. This will serve as a roadmap of where you need to focus your attention.

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Overall Performance Analysis

It will help you identify precisely how you have performed compared to the toppers as well as the average candidate; and give you a better understanding of where you stand currently.

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Benefits of the LST Test Series in the words of LST Students

The abundance of Mock tests and section-wise tests also gave a boost to my confidence. All in all, my all-India rank 2 would not have been possible without CL.

Shubham Jain

LST Student

CL Mock tests cover the entire gamut of questions that can be asked, and also equip one to write a paper of any level- ranging from easy to tricky.

Atharv Gupta

LST Student

The in-depth analysis of each Mock paper gave me an insight into my strengths and weaknesses, along with a topic-wise breakdown of the areas that I had to devote more time. The Mocks were also identical to the actual exams in terms of structure, difficulty, and types of questions.

Karan Ahluwalia

LST Student

The LSTTest series was instrumental in shaping my preparation the right way. The questions were carefully set, so as to keep the difficulty level at the one required for me to ace the exam.

Harsh Thakur

LST Student

The quality and quantity of the Mocks proved to be of utmost importance, because while answering the actual paper, there was absolutely no anxiety or nervousness.

Yatharth Singh

LST Student


Why should I appear for the All India Mock CLAT?

The AIMCLAT is the perfect dress rehearsal for CLAT 2023 with over 15000 aspirants writing the test.

What will be the enrollment process?

The candidate has to register using the form above following which they will receive a confirmation email with the aspiration link (where the test will be held).

What will the result consist of?

The result will include several different components such as the detailed scorecard, the percentile that you scored as well as the in-depth detailed analysis prepared by our experts.

When will the results be declared?

The results will be declared within 4 days of the mock.