AIR 1 & 2 in CLAT/AILET 2024 was a CL-LST student.


Pradhyot Shah

CL ID 30661072

Diya Agrawal

CL ID 30262917

CLAT Previous Years' Question Paper: An Overview

Since 2008, the CLAT exam has undergone a lot of changes in the face of the formation of a Consortium or Corona Virus Pandemic.


Conducting Body

The first CLAT exam was conducted in 2008. Until 2018, the CLAT exam was conducted by different NLUs on a rotational basis. However, in March 2019-the Consortium of NLUs was formed to conduct this exam consistently.


Exam Pattern

Previously the CLAT exam had 150 questions but now the exam has 120 questions that need to be solved within 120 minutes.


Schedule Changes

Before 2023, CLAT used to take place in the month of May or June and typically after class XII board exams. But after 2024, the exam month changed to December.

How Clat Previous Years' Papers Help You Prepare

One of the crucial steps to excel in CLAT is to practise previous years' question papers within a set time frame. Here's why and how CLAT's previous year's papers are incredibly helpful for students:

Practising CLAT's previous years' question papers is not just a helpful tip but an essential part of your preparation. It provides valuable experience, and insights, and boosts your readiness to ace the CLAT.

Our Testimonials

I was a part of CL's CR nuggets program that helped me structure my planning and my performance in CLAT and AILET. I attended all the online classes which covered most of the course and gave more than 40 CL's mocks before my final exams.

Navya Nair
AIR 6, CLAT 2023

I was a part of CL's classroom program here in Jayanagar Center. I started my preparation very late and was not regular with the course prep. I heavily depended on CL's content and mocks which played a major role in my preparation.

Rohit Hebbar
AIR 11, AILET 2023

I was a part of CL's two-year classroom program in Chandigarh. CL's team not only helped me with great content and interesting classes but also guidance in defining the right path for my career through career counselling sessions.

Chahat Bhambri
AIR 29, CLAT 2023

I I attended the online classes in 11th because of COVID and started preparing for the exam seriously in class 12th, under the two-year program at CL. I believe except one mock I've attempted all the mocks provided by CL.

Joy Sanskar Kalra
AIR 14, CLAT 2023

Toppers Talk

Pradhyot Shah

AIR 2 - CLAT 2024

Nandita Matolli

AIR 3 - AILET 2024

Amlan Panda

AIR 30 - CLAT 2024

Preeyal Seghal

AIR 12 - AILET 2024

Mantrana Mahi Agarwal

AIR 19 - AILET 2024

Arush Sarma

AIR 44 - CLAT 2024

Manya Agarwal

AIR 35 - CLAT 2024

Tvesha Chauhan

AIR 77 - CLAT 2024