GLC (Government Law College), Mumbai


Admission is based on merit. A minimum of 45% marks in the HSC( 10+2) exam at the first attempt, is the eligibility required to be able to apply for admission. For students with more than 40% marks but less than 45% marks, the University may conduct a Common Eligibility Exam. The admission process for the first year of the Five year course commences immediately after the declaration of HSC results. There is 50% reservation for Reserved Categories from Maharashtra state. The prospectus and admission form will be available at the college office. The Admission form , duly filled, is to be submitted to the college office within the prescribed time. And then, three merit lists are put up -

(1) General category: students from Maharashtra State Board of Sec. And HSC exams.

(2) Reserved Category from Maharashtra

(3) General category: students from Boards other than Maharashtra. Students belonging to this category are required to have at least 5% more marks than students of the Maharashtra board.

The selected students are interviewed and then admitted. The interview is just a formality. The cut-off marks vary every year. They have gone up in the recent years. Sometimes admissions have closed as high as 75 to 80%.

Course Structure

The BLS LLB program is a 10-semester full time course. The first 2 years (4 semesters) constitute a 'pre-law' course where the student is taught social-science subjects like - Economics, Political Science, Sociology, History, Logic, English, Legal Language, History of Courts, etc. In the next three years the actual law subjects are dealt with - like torts, Contracts, Family law, Labour laws, Constitutional law, Property law, Law of Crimes, International law, Interpretation of statutes, Alternate dispute resolution and so on. In their 8th and 10th semester, the students have the option of choosing some particular subjects along with some compulsory subjects. A total of 4 practical training papers are compulsory for all the students. The BLS degree is awarded to the students after successful completion of the 3rd year and the LLB degree is awarded after completion of 5 years.

The BLS degree is a great boon to the students, as the student is declared a graduate after 3 years and becomes free to pursue other PG courses side-by side and also becomes eligible to apply for jobs or give various entrance exams.

College Infrastructure

The College is situated in the busy, bustling area of Churchgate. The college houses huge classrooms on the ground, second and third floors along with the library, auditorium, canteen, etc. The college now has an annexe building with additional classrooms, seminar rooms and a library.

Library - This is the place where the students of GLC throng. It is a centre of great activity in GLC. The Harilal J.Kania library and Reading room on the third floor can actually boast of maximum attendance. The library has a massive collection of books on virtually every topic a law student would require (you may have some problem in finding what you want, but eventually you will find it!) And the library subscribes to a large number of journals and reports (apply the same golden rule to find the journals too - look patiently!!). The library is the centre for all kinds of research, study and even animated discussions about controversial topics (the warnings of the librarian to maintain silence do not deter the students!)

Auditorium or Audi as it is affectionately called, is where the major programs and functions of the college take place - like the Inaugural function, the Chagla lecture series, other cultural events and the Annual Day.

Extra-Curriculars and Co-Curriculars

The Student Council - This is the apex student body and represents the whole student community. Members are nominated to the Council on the basis of merit and they hold office for that year. The members also elect the General Secretary of the college. The council organises various events like - the Inaugural Day, the Chagla lecture series and the Annual Day. Its membership is the most coveted post in GLC.

Moot Court Association - or the MCA is the committee responsible for the organisation of various moots in the college, including conducting the elimination rounds for various moots and also hosting the college's own city and national level moot competitions. It is an association of a large number of members and is referred to as 'the Jumbo Cabinet'.

Mooting is one of the principal activities in the college. In the recent years there has been tremendous response and participation in moots. One of the best things about mooting in GLC, which sets it apart from the mooting in other law schools is that there is no set, standard team that keeps participating in moots all over the country. For every moot that comes up, a college-level elimination round is held, EVERYTIME. Any student can participate in the college eliminations; he/she just needs to have participated in the Fresher's moot. This ensures that everyone has a fair chance to prove themselves. Even the best mooter will have to prove his credentials (again) to be a part of the GLC mooting team.

Magazine committee - this committee is responsible for the publication of the annual college magazine - me`LAWnge.

Law Review Committee - is responsible for publishing the annual Law Review of GLC. Justice Y.V.Chandrachud, former Chief Justice of India , is the Editor-in-Chief of the Law Review for the third consecutive year. The GLC Law Review has been widely circulated and has met with good acclaim.

Placement Committee - is in charge of the on-campus recruitment program in the college. It organises a Placement Week in the college where various firms, corporates, senior counsels and advocates interview the students and recruit them. The work of the members involves visiting and contacting the firms and advocates. Though the work is a little hectic, it leads to interaction between the committee members and employers on a more personal level.

Social Service League - This committee promotes various forms of service to the society like organising slum development programs, lectures on social issues, spreading legal awareness among people, etc. The committee, in association with the NGO 'Prayas', organises jail visits for the final year students where the students prepare bail applications for undertrials. Efforts are on to promote the same kind of program in Juvenile homes also. The committee is also trying to form a follow-up program that would monitor the status of the prepared bail applications.

Dramatics Society - This committee in association with the Music circle and various other committees like the Hindi Parishad, Marathi Mandal, Gujarati Mandal, organises various cultural events in the college. They also organise various 'days' like Traditional Day, Rose Day, Chocolate Day etc. All these committees truly make life in GLC colourful and vibrant.

Sports committee - organises various sports activities of the college. It also organises a Sports week. The college provides decent sporting facilities for students. Last year's Box-cricket was worth watching!!!


Inaugural Day - This is the first function organised by the college. Usually some great celebrity or legal personality is invited to preside over the function and address the students and staff members.

M.C. Chagla Lecture Series - It is a weeklong lecture series organised by the Student Council, where eminent lawyers and judges are invited to speak on a variety of topics. Though the attendance is compulsory only for senior students, the lecture series draws a great number of students from all classes.

GLC MUN - Students of the college organise a Model United Nations Conference, where the registered participants assume the roles of diplomats of various countries and put forth the viewpoints of their respective countries. It is a fun-filled event (but also has sparks flying in the air), where the students debate about various current international issues.

D.M. Harish Memorial moot court competition - This is the National level moot competition organised by GLC. The competition is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious moots of the country. The best mooting teams from all over the country compete in this moot. The MCA along with the D.M. Harish trust take great pains to organise such a mega event. They are now trying to take the Competition to international level.

Annual Day - This is the final event organised by the college. It is a fun-filled entertainment program held towards the end of the academic year.

GLC also participates in almost all college fests of Mumbai. GLCites have made a mark wherever they go........

Career Opportunities

Practical training program - This is compulsory for all the students. The students have a total of 4 practical training papers of 100 marks each for their whole term.

Internship - The students, realising the need and importance of hands-on training, of their own accord, take up internship assignments with various advocates and counsels and legal firms in Mumbai. The firms and advocates have welcomed the students and provide ample opportunity for the students to gain the required experience.

Placements - The college welcomes a large number of top legal firms, corporates, advocates and counsels who recruit the students of GLC. Many students have been placed with the top legal firms of India. In 2003-2004 , more than thirty students out of the 130 who had applied were selected during the Placement Week. Some of the law Firms, Counsel and Corporates who participated in the on-campus recruitment program include - M/s ARA Law, M/s Dave Girish & Co, M/s Desai & Diwanji, M/s Juris Corp, M/s Khaitan & Jaykar, M/s Luthra & Luthra, M/s Singhania & Co, M/s.Thakkar & Thakkar and many more; Corporates like, Tata Services Ltd, Counsel – Sr adv. Janak Dwarkadas, Sr. adv. Mahabaleshwar Morje and many more.

Practice - Many students also choose the option of practising law , both in India and abroad. Many top practising advocates and judges of Mumbai and India are GLC alumni. Generally students of GLC are known to do extremely well in litigation.

Higher Education - A good number of GLCites opt to pursue higher studies. GLC alumni can be found at Oxford, Harvard, etc. And some also choose to do their LLM from India.

Hostel Life

Boys - The college has arranged for accommodation for the male students in the Government Colleges Hostel, at Backbay Reclamation on 'C' road, Churchgate.

Girls - There are two girls' hostels - Savitridevi hostel and Telang Smarak Girls hostel offer accommodation to female students of various colleges affiliated to the Mumbai University. For admission to the hostel, the students need to apply separately. Admission to the college DOES NOT guarantee accommodation in the hostel.

The hostel accommodation and facilities are fair enough and in fact, very convenient for the students. The Savitridevi girls hostel is situated in the picturesque location of Marine drive. The Telang girls hostel and the boys hostel are situated right next to the college. With the college and hostels being situated in the heart of the city, the students practically have no great inconveniences and can find, virtually, anything and everything they require.

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This report was made with the help of Preeti Shanker of GLC