AILET 2017 Exam Analysis

This year AILET was conducted on May 7, 2017. Students, who took a sigh of relief after the SET a day before, must have felt the shocks in the AILET Paper. The paper had some tricky questions in all the section except the Mathematics section.


This section saw a marked change in this section. Reading Comprehension was completely missing and the significant part of the questions was from Vocabulary and Grammar. However, the questions based on Cloze test were lengthy. There were 11 questions in the FIB (Fill in the Blanks) part. There were two questions based on antonyms, three questions on word meaning. Unlike last year, there was one set on Para Jumbles with 3 questions. There were questions based on grammar of the Match the following Type. The concepts of compound noun and verb were checked in this section of English. There were three questions based on Idioms and Phrases were sitters. Similar to Logic section, this section also had three odd one out questions. The section may be perceived as a little lengthy compared to the past year's paper. A score of 25-27 can be considered a reasonably good score for this section.

General Knowledge

Out of the 35 questions that were asked in this section, 22 questions were based on Current Affairs, out of which, most of the questions were from the second half of 2016. A student who has solved CL's material would not have been taken off-guard and would have easily been able to attempt all the questions. This section would not have intimidated the students who were abreast with the latest news. Current affairs included questions on Nobel prize in Economics, GSAT-18, ROSS robot, Software Robotics by India bank, Miss. International 2016, HDI, International Happiness Day, Medals by India in Special Olympics. As far as static GK is concerned, it was a mixed one, with questions from Science, taking the center stage, just like last year. Overall, this section can be considered to have been easy. A score of 27-28 is a good score.

Legal Aptitude

Similar to last year, this section was dominated by questions from legal knowledge. However, some questions like John Doe and Public Trust Doctrine must have surprised everyone. There were a total of 19 questions on Legal Knowledge. The legal reasoning questions were a surprise as they were quite lengthy and used multiple aspects of knowledge in the given area to form the principle. There were 7 questions which were the reasoning and assertion type. Questions about New Zealand giving living rights to a river, New Maternity Bill, Term of a CVC, Delhi HC order to FB on account creation by children can also be classified as current affairs question. Those who have been up to date with the LST's legal updates, would have been on a familiar territory. This section was a wee bit lengthy. A good score in this section would be in the range of 25-27.


It was like the last year's paper, however there were a few “new type” surprise questions. In the Analytical Reasoning part of the section, topics such as Arrangement, Blood Relations, Directions, etc., dominated the section. The Logical Reasoning part saw questions on Odd One Out, Series, two sets on arrangements - one on team formation and other one on seating arrangement. There were also 5 short passages and questions that were based on the. There were the argument type questions as well. The surprise element was questions based on Decision Making and Input based questions. A score of 25-26 would be a good score.


This section was an easy one. With no surprises at all, the section was dominated by questions from Arithmetic, which included Average, Time, Speed and Distance, Time and Work. Overall, a very easy section with score of 6-7 easily attainable. Overall, the paper was very moderate but a bit lengthy this year. The cutoffs will be a couple of marks less than the last year's.

Expected Cut-off

LST expects the cutoffs to hover around 90-93 this year.

Disclaimer: All information on cut-offs, analysis, answer key and scores are based on independent analysis and evaluation made by the LST team at Career Launcher. We do not take responsibility for any decision that might be taken, based on this information.

All the best
Team LST, CL

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