Published on 10th January 2024, 1:08 pm

Balancing UG Law Entrances and Board Preparation

Preparing for law entrances while juggling between your board examinations can be a challenging task. But with the right approach, persuasive study measures, and advice from those who have cracked these exams, you can certainly steer through this difficult phase without breaking a sweat. Here’s how you should balance UG law entrances and board preparation:

> Make a Realistic Plan: Come up with a balanced plan which can be either a daily or weekly study routine that distributes time equally for both UG law entrance preparation and board exams. Focus on tasks based on deadlines and the significance of each subject.

> Identify Topics that Overlap with each other: Pinpoint topics that are common to both the UG law entrance exam and the board exams. Give more importance to these areas to boost efficiency.

> Build a Strong Foundation: Prioritize on building a strong basics in key subjects like English, Mathematics, and General Knowledge for both UG law exams and the board exams. Mastering the fundamental concepts, formulas, and rules in these subjects is essential in aiding you to solve difficult problems with ease. Also, work on improving your reading comprehension skills to read passages rapidly with better understanding.

> Effective Time Management: Give more time to subjects that need extra attention or have more weightage in either the UG law entrances or board exams.

> Make Use of Study Materials: Go for study resources that have complete coverage for both UG law entrance exams and board exam syllabi. This can aid you in streamlining your preparation.

> Daily Revision: Include daily revision sessions for both UG law entrance exams and board exams to strengthen your awareness of the topics.

> Solve Previous Papers: Allocate specific time to practice previous years’ question papers for law entrance examinations and sample question papers for board examinations. That way you can be more familiar with the exam pattern.

> Strategic Subject Rotation: When preparing for both UG entrances and board exams, it is essential to rotate subjects strategically to evade burnout and keep focus. Balancing diverse subjects can keep your study sessions active and vigorous.

> Seek Direction: Talk with educators, mentors, or coequals to get information about effective study methods and any directions or suggestions specific to UG law entrance exams or board examinations.

> Stay Informed: Make sure to stay informed in case there are any changes in the syllabus or exam patterns for both UG law entrances and board examinations to adapt your preparation accordingly.

Best of luck!