How to prepare for CLAT amid a nationwide lockdown?

With the current lockdown in the country due to the COVID-19 outbreak, CLAT preparation for majority of aspirants has gone awry. They are left with no other option, but to prepare for the exam from home.

How to crack CLAT 2020: preparation tips

Given below are some tips candidates should follow to prepare for CLAT 2020 successfully during lockdown

  • Positive approach:

A positive approach should be a precedent in your life in general. Believe, act and conquer. First, believe in yourself. Believe that it will happen and it surely will. So, do not panic, rather stay calm and approach the process positively.

  • Build a schedule:

Do not underestimate the importance of a well-thought study plan. If practiced religiously, this will go a long way in ensuring that the candidate excels in CLAT 2020

  • Practicing mock tests and previous year question papers

It is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Candidates preparing for the exam should write as many mock tests and possible. These not only give you an idea about the type of question asked in the CLAT exam but also ensures that you stay relatively calm and confident on the day of the actual exam you.

  • Investing in good and reliable study material

Books are the holy grail of success. It is delusional to believe that the right schedule and practicing mock test alone will not help you to excel CLAT 2020. You need good books and reliable study material to qualify for the exam. This study material can also be online. With the rise in digitalization, it is only fit to refer to study material on the internet as well. All that a candidate needs is a reliable source of information.

Click on the given link to prepare for CLAT online preparation and study material

A number of changes have been made in CLAT 2020 exam pattern. It is essential for a candidate to be familiar with the exam syllabus to proceed with their preparation in the right direction in order to crack CLAT 2020. You do not go out without referring to Google maps. The exam pattern is your Google map and will ensure that you’re on the right path and moving in the right direction.

CLAT 2020 will majorly be divided into five sections

  • English Language
  • Legal Reasoning
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Quantitative Techniques
  • Current Affairs, including General Knowledge
  • Know the marking scheme:

It is imperative that you know the marking scheme. You have to score marks to qualify the exam and you need to know what kind of approach will fetch you marks to eventually crack the exam.

  • Practice and analyze:

Once the fundamentals are clear in the classroom it becomes imperative that a practice test on the same topic is written that very day to reinforce the concept. Timed tests on 2/3 topics/ sections written every day and analyzed thereafter are enough to tame the CLAT exam.

CLAT 2020 Exam syllabus

Sections Topics
  • comprehension passages, Grammar, word meanings, incorrect/correct sentences
Mathematics Algebra, profit and loss, time and work, average, speed and distance, permutation-combination and Venn diagrams, statistical estimation, Mensuration
General Knowledge & Current Affairs Static general knowledge including History, Polity, Geography, Environment, etc.
  • Current affairs- national of national and international importance, sports, new appointments, awards and honours etc.
Logical Reasoning Logical and Analytical reasoning skills
Legal Aptitude Study of law, Research aptitude, Problem-solving ability, Questions based on hypothetical situations, Important court decisions

CLAT 2020 Section-wise preparation tips


For this section Practice! Practice! and practice! The more you practice the more equipped you are. What you do today should be revised again and again and again. Practicing again and again for this section especially builds accuracy. And that is what you need in a time-bound exam with negative marking. The quicker you are, the more time you save to answer the rest of the questions. The more accurate you are, the more marks you make.

General Knowledge and Current Affairs

  • Stay aware. Awareness plays a key role in this section. One must make his/ her habit of reading newspapers and watching the news daily. Basic knowledge of History, Geography and Science will be preferred as a great advantage. The Hindu will be enough and try to utilize all the free portal which provides current affairs.

Legal Reasoning

  • Focus on the legal issues from the last 10 months and read about them.
  • Special attention should be paid to landmark judgments and important cases from the last year.
  • Read about all the new amendments and enactments done in both monsoon and winter sessions of the parliament along with contemporary issues like LGBTQ rights or the death penalty which have been a part of the news in the last few months.
  • Reading about static and current legal issues prior to your CLAT 2020 will help you in understanding the passage easily and at a much faster pace during your final exam.
  • Secondly, you might land up in a situation where you are running out of time and cannot invest the last three-four minutes left in reading the entire passage. Here, your prior basic
  • Understanding of the legal issue will be of great help as you might be able to answer a couple of questions even without reading the entire passage word to word.
  • Improve your legal vocabulary including legal jargons, legal terms, foreign phrases, and maxims.

English Language

  • For this part, it is necessary to read as much as possible.
  • Reading the newspaper and learning new words will prove to be beneficial.
  • Practicing comprehension passages will increase your answering speed.
  • Solve the previous year’s question papers.
  • Take online mock tests and check your performance.

Logical Reasoning

  • Study from Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning
  • Since you are at this crucial time, follow practicing these topics for the Analytical section.
  • Practice your strong point. But do not forget about your weaknesses.
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