Law Advantage

Prepare for LAW entrance exams

There are several advantages of being a Legal professional. All you need to do is prepare for LAW entrance exams and join a good LAW School. The following advantages will follow:

You're the Leader of the Pack

Lawyers today aren't just taught the tenets of the law, they are taught to lead the world. The ability to make decisions based on facts and reasoning, rather than emotions is an integral part to success in the legal world and holds even more value out of the court room. A great leader has the ability to make the hard choices putting the interests of his client first.

So much in Law

Gone are the days when a Lawyer had to choose a career in either Criminal or Civil. Corporate, Commercial, Mediation, Human Rights, Intellectual Property Rights, Environment, Cyber and many more options are open to a LAW school graduate.

Placements Nonpareil

Students from the top Law Schools don't need to go job hunting, as appropriate opportunities come looking for them. Every year the best law firms in the country, not to mention top corporate houses set placement targets for their HR teams to ensure they don't miss out on the top talent in the country. The trick is to prepare for LAW entrance exams and get through a good LAW school.

Show me the Money

The IITs and IIMs are not the only schools in the country to go to get top jobs. Law School graduates now earn salaries on par (and often exceeding) the best offered in Business Schools or Engineering Colleges.

A chance to rein Supreme

The dream of most lawyers is to roam the halls of The Supreme Court of India. Most lawyers from the top Law Schools in the country do that. Beyond being an established lawyer in India, there are no geographical boundaries for a great legal mind. Options are open at the United Nations / International Court of Justice and more.

They have a heart too

The old joke about Lawyers and Liars is exactly that, old. Today's young legal minds leave Law School with the aspiration to not just rake in the big bucks, but also to make a difference. Should you be the type who cares, you can engineer a change in society by fighting for the rights of those who can't defend themselves - children, refugees and the poor to name a few.

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