How to prepare for CLAT in one Month?

A 30-day plan assumes you devote to 5-6 hours per day, apart from your classes at LST. Preparing for CLAT is quite a commitment-but your discipline in sticking with this strategy will be rewarded! The plan assumes you to have finished your board exams and the focus now is completely on CLAT.

Week 1:

  • Learn and Practice 100 - 120 words a high frequency word list.
  • Work on Fundamentals of each subject. Clear the Basics.
  • Read one newspaper daily including the editorials.
  • Read Manthan- our weekly GK supplement for the month of September-October’17.
  • Write two CLAT Mock and do a drill down analysis.

Week 2:

  • Start the week by writing a CLAT Mock. Spend a day or two to analyse. Do a drill down analysis of your performance, check your weaknesses and focus on those areas more.
  • Solve at least 1000 questions in Test Gym-Topic Tests
  • Read Manthan for the month of November-December.
  • Must to do from our books – 200 Legal Terms, 200 Idioms (business), 100 Proverbs and 100 Root words.
  • Write another CLAT Mock on the weekend. If you’re writing AILET, do practice a Mock test for the same.

Week 3:

  • Complete the GK Supplement-Manthan for the Month of January-February.
  • Solve at least 1000 questions in Test Gym.
  • Complete Module 2 by now. You must have attempted all the practice books.
  • Write 2 CLAT Mocks and do a drill down analysis. At least 1 Mock each for AILET and SLAT.

Week 4:

  • With only 6 days left, panic will surely set in. Do not give in. It’s ok to have stress.
  • This phase precedes the start of major law entrances for 2019.
  • Complete the Manthan for the month of March and April.
  • Complete Test Gym by Now- This would have helped you to understand your grip on the subjects-helps make strategy and pick questions quick.
  • Write 2 CLAT Mocks. Analyse.
  • Continue reading newspaper-CLAT does throw surprises.

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