1 september, 9:43 AM

CLAT Preparation - Strategy for September 

Preparing for a competitive exam like the CLAT entrance exam can be exhausting, challenging, and depressing especially if you’re not ready for it. The exam needs a ton of devotion and planning to score well. You might be wondering if it would be enough time to start preparing from September when the CLAT examination is in December but the truth is it all depends on the person’s grasping ability and understanding power. Nevertheless, it is advisable to begin CLAT preparation at least one whole year before the exam since the syllabus is very vast. You still have some time before the exam and now that it’s September what you can do is review your performance. 

Here are a few strategies for September to prepare for CLAT:

> Recognize your current level 

Young aspirants who aim to crack the CLAT exam start their preparation in the 11th or 12th standard. But before you begin, it is important to gain an in-depth knowledge of your current aptitude level. Do keep in mind that, unlike other exams, CLAT is not a knowledge-based examination– it’s purely based on aptitude, grasping power, and mental ability. Hence, you should first figure out where you are right now by giving a distinct practice test. You can summarize your preparation method on the basis of your scores in various sections.

> Start revising.

It’s essential to start reviewing your performance. Revise what you have studied so far. Perform sectional tests and give at least 1 mock test per week, list down the mistakes, and try to improve on your mistakes before you take on the next mock test.

> Solve previous year's question papers

Another important strategy for scoring well is to solve previous years question papers. This will help you comprehend the difficulty level of the CLAT examination and also improve your accuracy rate.

> Focus on the weak areas

Improve your question selection skills and try out different strategies in the mocks. Choose a strategy that is suitable for you. Try it out in the mocks. Revise the concepts and the common errors you often make.

> Analyze the results

The key to acing the exam is to analyze the results. Try and figure out where you’re gaining the most negative scores. Solving as many questions as possible, clearing the concepts, proper analysis of the mock tests, and time-framed disciplined work will help you level up your exam strategy.