SET 2016 Exam Analysis

The Symbiosis Law School conducts the SET, a common written test, for admission to its undergraduate institutes of Symbiosis International University. Each Symbiosis institute (including Symbiosis Law School) has its independent selection process.

The Symbiosis Entrance Test (SET) 2016 for admission to their Law programme at various SLS campuses, was conducted today on May 7, 2016, all over India. The pattern of the paper was largely as expected and similar to the one specified in the brochure. Much to the relief of students, the paper was fairly easy. And the cut-offs would remain more or less same as last years.

As given in the notification on the official website, the paper had five sections of Logical Reasoning, Legal Reasoning, Analytical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension and General Knowledge. A total of 150 questions, to be attempted in 150 minutes, were divided equally over the five sections. Each question had 4 options and carried one mark each. There was no negative marking for incorrect attempts. Many of the questions, particularly in the General Knowledge, Legal Aptitude and Reasoning Sections, are discussed in the LST material almost in a similar manner.


No of Question

Suggested time (in mins)

Good score

Analytical Reasoning




Legal Reasoning




Logical Reasoning




Reading Comprehension




General Knowledge








SET Law 2016 Analysis: Analytical Reasoning

This section consisted of various question types such as series, odd one out, assertion-reasoning, statement conclusion etc. The level of difficulty of this section was easy. There were 4 questions on series, 4 on coding and decoding, 2 on clock and calendars each, 2 on probabilities. There were 3 questions on cause and effect. Though Symbiosis doesn’t mention Maths as a separate section, but questions based on Time and Work, SI-CI, Averages, Ratio & Proportion asked in this section can be directly referred to as Maths. A score in the range of 22-24 can be considered as good score in this section.

SET Law 2016 Analysis: Legal Reasoning

This section was a combination of questions based on Legal Reasoning and Legal Knowledge. There were around 8 questions each from the law of contracts, law of torts and law of crimes. About 8 questions from Legal Knowledge were also asked. There were also around 12-14 questions wherein facts were provided but the related legal principles were missing. There was just one question on contract which had the principle given for the fact situation. Questions from the area of Family Law, Intellectual Property or International Law were missing, but as expected. The questions from Legal knowledge were mostly based on Contracts and Constitutional law (Polity). A score in the range of 23-24 could be considered good.

SET Law 2016 Analysis: Logical Reasoning

This section consisted of various question types such as Statement Assumption, Statement Conclusion, Strong and Weak Arguments, drawing conclusions from given statements, Analogy, Syllogisms, Course of Action and Critical Reasoning. A few questions from Maths were also asked in this section, just like the analytical reasoning section. There were 14 questions based on arrangements. The questions were of moderate difficulty level and this section could have been attempted in about 30-35 minutes. A score of around 22-23 can be considered a good score in this section.

SET Law 2016 Analysis: Reading Comprehension

The 30 questions in this section were divided amongst 6 passages, with each passage having 5 questions based on it. The passages came from a variety of topics and the length of each was relatively small. Most of the questions were direct and could be answered easily with direct reference to the passage. The passages are most likely to be newspaper excerpts of prominent people like: Jawaharlal Nehru, The Chrysler Story by Lee Iacocca, Services Act of Maharshtra by Shailesh Gandhi, Barring women in Temples by Damyanti Datta, Net Neutrality by Shobhna Kunwar etc. The overall level of questions in this section was easy and an attempt of 24-25 questions can be considered a good attempt.

SET Law 2016 Analysis: General Knowledge

Questions in this section can be divided between Static and Current GK. There were around 17 questions from static GK and 13 questions from current affairs. The questions covered were from almost all the area including Nobel Prize, Bharat Ratna, Duration to sing National Anthem (Easy to remember due to recent controversy at T20 World cup), Mathew Hobden, Panchtantra, CBFC, BRICS etc. The level of difficulty of this section ranged was fairly easy and was considered as the easiest of the lot. A score of 23-24 in this section could be considered good.

Overall, it was an easy paper to boost up the confidence before CLAT. The cutoff for the WAT-PI round is expected as following:


Cut offs