AILET (NLU Delhi) 2014 Memory based questions

  • 1. India shares maximum length of boundary with which country?
    Ans. Bangladesh

    2. Jasmine spring is another name of
    Ans. Tunisia

    3. Who is the winner of Malaysian Open Grand Prix Gold 2013?
    Ans. P V Sindhu

    4. India entered into an Extradition treaty with which country recently?
    Ans. Bangladesh

    5. Which of the following countries is not part of the United Nations (Taiwan, Greece, Australia, and Portugal)?
    Ans. Taiwan

    6. Which of the following is not true for NATO?
    Ans. US is the ex officio chairman of NATO

    7. Who won the Golden Shoe for the third time?
    Ans. Lionel Messi

    8. The Indian parliament initiating voting to remove which judge?
    Ans. Soumitra Sen

    9. Recently which of the following countries impeached its Chief Justice?
    Ans. Sri Lanka

    10. Clove is obtained from which part of the plant?
    Ans. Flower bud

    11. Which color denotes the highest temperature of an object?
    Ans. White

    12. European Union has how many member states?
    Ans. 28

    13. The air bags used in cars are filled with which of the following gases?
    Ans. Nitrogen

    14The airbag jacket of a car driver contains which compound?
    Ans. Sodium Azide

    15. Name the Indian Air craft carrier launched recently:
    Ans. INS Vikrant

    16. Which year was recognized as the “Water Co-operation year” by the UN?
    Ans. 2013

    17. Who was the first Law Minister of India?
    Ans. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar

    18. Name the founder of Facebook.
    Ans. Mark Zuckerberg

    19. Who is the present Chief Election Commissioner of India?
    Ans. V S Sampath

    20. How many high courts does India have?
    Ans. 24

    21. Who received the Indira Gandhi prize for peace, disarmament and development in 2013?
    Ans. Angela Merkel

    22. Which is India’s second most populous city?
    Ans. Delhi

    23. ‘Bitcoins’ are a Cryptocurrency issued by?
    Ans. None (It’s a virtual P2P currency and isn’t issued by anyone)

    24. Shashi Kant Sharma has been recently appointed as?
    Ans. Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG)

    25. Who is the oldest woman to be Ranked One in Tennis?
    Ans. Serena Williams

    26. Recently, the Supreme Court rejected a patent for a cancer treatment drug of which company?
    Ans. Novartis

    27. What is the highest award given to sportsperson in India?
    Ans. Khel Ratna

    28. Who was given C. K Nayudu Lifetime Achievement Award in the year 2013?
    Ans. Kapil Dev

    29. The Constitution of India lists down how many fundamental duties?
    Ans. 11

    30. How many years has it been since the Internet came into being?
    Ans. Thirty

    31. What is the maximum amount of fine that can be imposed under the Right to Information, Act?
    Ans. Rs. 25,000/-

    32. What separates India into two halves?
    Ans. Tropic of Cancer

    33. Mist is caused due to:
    Ans. Condensation

    34. What did India import in maximum quantity, from China, in the year 2013?
    Ans. Electronic goods

    All the best
    Team CL