MHCET 5 Years LLB 2019 Analysis

MHCET Law 5-year entrance was held on 21 April from 10 AM to 12 Noon. The paper was different from the sample paper released by DHE, Maharashtra. However, the paper was easy, just like 2018, but for the Logical Reasoning section, which was dominated by Analytical Reasoning, with 5 sets of puzzles given.

The paper had a total of 150 questions spread across five sections- English, General Knowledge, Mathematics, Legal Aptitude and Legal Reasoning and Logical and Analytical Reasoning.

Given below is the section wise break-up of the paper:


No. of Questions

Expected Attempts

Expected Score

Level of Difficulty






General Awareness










Legal Aptitude





Logical Reasoning






Just like last year, the English section was again easy this time. There were three FIBs with 2 blanks each, which were easy. There were two passages on RC (about 750 words) with one having 8 questions (Lawyers Profession) and the other one with 5 questions (Driverless cars). There were 3 questions on phrase replacement. Spelling corrections saw 2 questions as against 3 last year. There were 4 questions based on para jumble. In fact, instead of para jumble, we can call it sentence jumble.  Error detection in sentence occupied the remaining 3 questions. An attempt of 27-28 should be considered a good one. Overall, it was an easy section.

General Knowledge:

Unlike last year, when GK was dominated by current affairs, this year it was a balanced mix of Current Affairs and Static. There were a total of 14 static GK questions with remaining 16 on current affairs. However, the static GK questions were reasonably easy. Questions were based on History (British Rule, Bengal Sati, Huein Tsang, Akbar Nama), Geography (Mahabodhi Tree, Kiru Hydro Power Project), Polity (Age for Rajya Sabha, Fundamental Rights, Panchayati Raj). Current Affairs questions covered areas of Cricket, Awards, Important days, Govt. Schemes. A good attempt would be 24-25 questions.

Legal Aptitude:

Again, an easy section like last year and covered most concepts from contracts, Torts and criminal law. A total of 15 questions from Law of Torts, followed by 12 questions on Contracts and 7 on Criminal Law were there. The level of this section was very easy and maximum questions were self-explanatory and didn’t require prior legal knowledge. The paper tried to cover all possible areas such as defamation, private defence, offer and acceptance, VNFI, Murder, Theft, Ignorance of Law etc. A good attempt in this section would be 35-37.

Logical Reasoning:

This section was difficult this time just like last year. There were 5 sets with 23 questions. Unlike last two years, there were no machine input-output based questions this time. There were 4 questions based on coding-decoding. There were two easy questions on Blood Relations. With 5 questions based on inequalities, this section was completely dominated by Analytical Reasoning. There were 4 questions based on Statement- Conclusion and one on inference. Overall it was a difficult section and an attempt of 25-30 should be considered a good one.


This section of the paper had 10 questions which were of easy level unlike last year where this section was moderately difficult.  Questions came from the areas of Profit, Loss & Discount; Time and Work, Quadratic Equations, Fractions.  There were 3 questions based on a case-let based on attempt of exams by students. Overall an easy section and many students were happy to attempt this section. 7 to 8 questions were easily manageable in 10 minutes. ph3>

Estimated Cut-offs for GLC and ILS:

The expected cut-off for students of Maharashtra would be around 95-100 for GLC and ILS and for Outside Maharashtra Students (OMS), it could be close to 105-108 for GLC and ILS.

Disclaimer: All information on cut-offs, analysis, answer key and scores are based on independent analysis and evaluation made by CL-LST. We do not take responsibility for any decision that might be taken, based on this information.


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