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LSAT India Exam Preparation

LSAT India is a standardized entrance test which grants aspirants access to the top colleges in India and across the world. The LSAT Exam is quite different from CLAT and other Law Entrance Exams as it is a standardized test. The best way to prepare for it is with India’s first official LSAT Trainer, Mr. Gejo Sreenivasan at Career Launcher. No matter the level of preparation required, Career Launcher will help you ace LSAT and put you on the right path to the college of your dreams.

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Prepare for LSAT with a comprehensive program guided by India’s first official LSAT Partner, Mr. Gejo Sreenivasan

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If you are looking to prepare for LSAT in a condensed time frame, LSAT 480 is the right choice for you with 90+ recorded sessions and upto 20 live sessions taught by India’s first official LSAT Partner

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Overview of the LSAT Exam

The LSAT-India is a test of reasoning and reading skills, not a test to see whether you happened to have memorized the right facts or equations. The theory behind the LSAT-India is democratic and inclusive. It holds that students acquire critical thinking skills over their educational lifetimes, and that these skills are the most important for the study of law. Good critical thinking skills may be acquired in virtually any educational program anywhere so long as it is rigorous and of high quality. Thus, no training in any specific field or set of fields is required to do well on the LSAT-India. The test rewards candidates with generalized abilities adaptable to a variety of circumstances

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LSAT Exam Syllabus

The LSAT Exam consists of 4 sections which are designed to test the aspirant’s aptitude towards law. The sections are:

As of June 2020, there are 54 Central Universities providing technical and non-technical programs to young minds.

LSAT Exam Pattern

LSAT is designed to test the key schools needed in a law school, including Reading Comprehension, Analytical and Logical Reasoning. LSAT consists of multiple-choice questions and the duration of the test is 3 hours and 30 minutes.

Section Time Allowed Number of Questions
Logical Reasoning - I 35 min 22
Logical reasoning - II 35 min 23
Logic Games (Analytical Reasoning) 35 min 23
Reading Comprehension 35 min 24
Total 2 hours and 20 minutes ~ 92

Scoring in LSAT

LSAT has a score range of 120-180. The LSAT system of scoring is predetermined and does not reflect test takers' percentile. The relationship between raw questions answered correctly (the "raw score") and scaled score is determined before the test is administered. Adjusted scores lie in a bell curve, tapering off at the extremes and concentrating near the median.

Your LSAT score determines which law school you will go to-or whether you will go to a law school at all. Law schools, through your LSAT Score, determine whether you have the aptitude required to be successful in a law school. Most law schools assign a weightage to your LSAT score along with your GPA. Generally, weightage assigned to LSAT score is greater or equal to 50%.

Multiple Scores: A candidate may take the test as many times he/she wishes. Earlier, only three attempts were allowed in a period of two calendar year. The current ABA rule now requires law schools to report only the highest LSAT score for matriculants who took the test more than once.

Blogs about LSAT

There is always more to learn about LSAT and we strive to give you as much information as possible so that you can access the LSAT Exam.

Meet the Expert

Gejo Sreenivasan

Gejo Sreenivasan

Student Mentor,CL-LST
Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta

There is no LSAT-India™ question that Gejo can't solve and every class with him is power-packed with superb learning, interesting facts, jokes and a lot of positive energy. He keeps the interest of students rolling by presenting the topic through interesting angles. His classes are sure to leave you dazzled.

LSAT Colleges

Candidates appearing for LSAT must know about the colleges that will accept the LSAT scores. There are various participating institutes all over India that accept LSAT scores. Candidates can choose which the most appropriate college for them by checking the list of institutes accepting LSAT 2021 scores.

Top Law Schools in United States

  • Yale Law School
  • Stanford University
  • Harvard Law School
  • University of Chicago
  • Columbia University

Top Law Schools in Canada

  • University of Toronto
  • McGill University
  • University of British Columbia
  • Osgoode Hall Law School
  • University of Windsor

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I am extremely grateful for Gejo sir's guidance throughout the LSATIndia-480 programme, sir was very approachable and was always there to clear any doubts I had. All the recorded sessions helped me work on my weaknesses and prepared me very well for the examination. Gejo sir provided us with several tips and tricks to crack the exam which made me confident and motivated me to work harder. Thanks to the LSATIndia-480 course I didn't feel the need to use any other sources for preparation, it provided more than enough practice material and helped me secure a position in my dream college

Manvi Talwar
Manvi Talwar
LSAT 2021 Percentile - 98.96%

Gejo sir is a well-informed and approachable coach. His zeal for teaching and constant support encouraged me to strive for the best. I was really blessed to have a mentor like Gejo sir, his thorough guidance aided me in securing an admission at JGLS.

Hiya Gandhi
Hiya Gandhi
LSAT 2021 Percentile - 86.51%

Gejo sir is an amazing mentor, who is there to solve all our problems during as well as after the LSAT India 480 course. His lectures are very easy to understand and fun to watch. He uses diagrams and doodles in his lectures which made them really interesting and easy to grasp. He not only helped us with LSAT, but also guided us for other exams (in case we asked for it) after LSAT India got over. He gave us tricks and tips to avoid getting stressed out before the exam. We could approach him with any problem and he would solve all our problems. The course as a whole has been the best investment of life. The video lectures coupled with pre session tests, prep tests and their analysis, is what helped me get into JGLS. I am not able to retain things in my mind, due to which I was not very proficient with RCs, before joining LSAT India 480, but Gejo sir helped me find a way to cope up with it. My score in the first LSAT India prep test was around 45, but after joining LSAT India 480, it crossed 70 and was around that range in all prep tests. I highly recommend this course to all. LSAT India aspirants.

Mohammed Layeequr Rahman
Mohammed Layeequr Rahman
LSAT 2021 Percentile - 82.90%

Gejo sir was instrumental in my preparation for LSAT-2019 and I greatly attribute my success to him. His help and guidance at every stage of the process, from learning concepts to cracking challenging questions to analyzing mock tests, were extremely useful. Sir's-advice and enthusiasm also helped me to stay motivated and determined throughout my prep and ultimately allowed me to attempt the exam with the requisite calmness and composure. I would once again like to thank Gejo sir for his continued support.

Tejas Raghav
Tejas Raghav
LSAT Percentile: 99.14

NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad

Gejo sir prepared me for LSAT in such a manner that I had to worry about absolutely nothing with regard to the exam. Whether it was management of time or it the critical reasoning section, the entire exam went along with absolute ease. The LSAT prep questions circulated by him and the coordinated timed tests taken almost every other week prepared me for absolutely any question the exam could’ve presented. I am extremely grateful!

Vidhi Basrani
Vidhi Basrani
LSAT Percentile: 99.49

Jindal Global Law School

I came to Career Launcher to seek help for the LSAT examination. Gejo Sir went above and beyond to help me prepare for it and the advice and tutoring I received from him was invaluable. The LSAT exam tests a student’s reading skills and one’s analytical/logical reasoning. This would seem like an innate skill every student has garnered by now, thus making the test appear easy at first glance. However, it is not as easy as it appears, and given the competition, scoring a high percentile is rather challenging. I strongly believe that without the coaching I received, I would not have been able to actually sharpen those skills and perform as well as I did, since I secured a 94.35 percentile. Gejo sir and the other teachers at the centre, being thoroughly experienced with the subject-matter, were very efficient in helping me prepare for the test. This entailed applying certain methods to solve the problems, managing my time (an extremely important element when giving these standardized tests), and learning how to read passages rapidly whilst retaining important information to solve the questions. While my preparation journey was rigorous, it went smoothly and I was able to build confidence since I was constantly receiving guidance. I highly recommend enrolling for the LSAT Online Course as I can guarantee that it is necessary and will be worth it!

Rebecca Cardoso
Rebecca Cardoso
LSAT Percentile: 94.35

Jindal Global Law School

Gejo sir's explanations regarding analytical reasoning which I used to find quite difficult was the key for me that helped me score fairly well in the LSAT’s. His way of teaching with the help diagrams helped me to understand the subject a lot better. Even during the pandemic it was extremely easy to understand. The use of diagrams is what helped me understand it, mere talking lectures can be a bit confusing but the visual representation of the family tree, blood relations and other tricky aspects of analytical reasoning is very helpful. Also for the critical and reading comprehension part, his advice for eliminating the wrong answers and then deciding the correct answer was extremely helpful

Aakanksha Pathak
Aakanksha Pathak
Jindal Global Law School

Gejo sir is a very helpful coach. He always removes time for his students. He constantly motivates each and every person to perform better and achieve their goals. His enthusiasm to teach is beyond any measure.

Anoushka Sharma
Anoushka Sharma
LSAT score: 83

Jindal Global Law School

Gejo Sir knows exactly how to hit the nail on its head, his compact yet complete course helped me sail through LSAT- India with absolute ease. The process in itself was super fun with Gejo Sir’s unmatched exuberant style of teaching. His refined way of explaining concepts helped me curb even minor apprehensions I had towards certain areas. Highly grateful for his support!

Pranav Vinayak Jain
Pranav Vinayak Jain
LSAT Percentile: 94.74

Gejo Sir is a great teacher. More than telling us to rote he looks to it that we understand the theory behind it. Logical reasoning is the fundamental of every subject out there, I understood true essence behind this statement from Gejo sir. LSAT requires patience and thorough practice, it is not something that comes easy and requires a lot of hard work. However, with career launcher even though the hard work was no less, the journey was worth it. I would recommend all future LSAT aspirants to career launcher.

Shambhavi Sinha
Shambhavi Sinha
LSAT Percentile: 96.05

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there is a sectional time limit of 35 minutes for each section.

A candidate can only choose one exam center at the time of filling the LSAT India application form.

No, the LSAT India application for will only be available in the online mode. Candidates can visit the official website to register for LSAT India.