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No words to describe your help sir!

Arunoday Rai

AIR 21 – CLAT 2021

Siddharth Sir knows exactly how to hit the nail on its head

Pranav Vinayak Jain

AIR 53 – AILET 2021

Siddharth Sir is an expert at CR and also at guiding students

Ashna K

AIR 55 – CLAT 2021

CR is a very vague section but Siddharth Sir in CR Nuggets has given method to this madness..

Malhar Satvik

AIR 68 – CLAT 2021

CR Nuggets was a game changer for me.

Aastha M

AIR 85 – CLAT 2021

CR Nuggets has really provided great guidance for both, logic as well as english sections.

Anuska Bhatt

AIR 904 – CLAT 2021

Why CR Nuggets works

Critical Reasoning is an essential component of the Logical Reasoning section of CLAT. Several aspirants try to avoid the topic as much as possible as it is inherently confusing. But with CR Nuggets, this topic can become your strength and can give you a leg up on your competition. CR Nuggets are power-packed sessions, curated in learning modules, covering all the aspects of critical reasoning to help you ace the section of CLAT and other law entrance exams. The sessions have just the right blend of illustrations, concepts and application so as to give you holistic learning and ability to handle even the most complex questions with ease.

It is result oriented

Minimum Time, Maximum Outcome The course is designed to boost your Critical Reasoning score in the least possible amount of time

It focuses on "how"

The course is not just about "what to do", but it is more about “HOW to do”―developing the precise skills that are needed to ace the CR

It is has a great design

The lesson plan is carefully created to build the necessary skill-set in a very systematic manner

Conversation with CLAT 2021 Achiever's

5 Key CR Nuggets Program Features

50 + Recorded Sessions with unlimited access

If you are aiming for a high score in CLAT, then the Critical Reasoning section is extremely important. This is because solving these questions take lesser time, while yielding high returns. Siddharth's methodical concept-to-application approach will help you to achieve just that!

100+ Solved Questions from CLAT and other Law-Entrance Papers

There is no better practice than solving the questions that had appeared in the actual exams. In his sessions, Siddharth will show you how to apply concepts to answer the questions from previous years' CLAT/AILET papers

Specially Designed Sectional and Topic Tests

Get specially designed Sectional Tests on CR and Topic Tests on the important CR topics to ensure that you are ready for the CLAT Exam and to simulate the exam day experience in the comfort of your home.

Live Sessions for Strategy Formation

Get access to minimum 5 live sessions with Siddharth to understand the tricky topics, formulate the exam strategy and sectional test analysis.

Ease of Revision

The bite-size 15-20 min videos help in quick revision. The topic-wise organization of the program and unlimited access to the videos will make your learning experience more effective

Session Plan

Session Number Topic
Session Number Topic
Session 1 CR Decoded
Module 1 - Introduction to the course
Session 2 3 A's to ace Eng and CR
Session 3 CR Nuggets - The How of the course
Session 4 Pschye of the Examiner
Module 2 - Skill Building- Identifying and Avoiding Traps
Session 5 Common Traps Set by the Examiner - I
Session 6 Common Traps Set by the Examiner - II
Session 7 Anticipation in Reading
Module 3 - Skill Building - Reading Skills
Session 8 Anticipation - Catching the nuances
Session 9 Speed Reading
Session 10 Dealing with Hostile Passages
Session 11 Dealing with Hostile Passages
Session 12 Components of a Passage I
Module 4 - Structue of passage and argument
Session 13 Components of Passage II
Session 14 Components of an Argument I
Session 15 Components of an Argument II
Session 16 Components of an Argument III
Session 17 Common Types of writing styles - I
Session 18 Common Types of writing styles - II
Session 19 Inductive Logic and Deductive Logic
Module 5- Basic Problem Solving
Session 20 Syllogism I
Session 21 Syllogism II
Session 22 Conditional Logic I
Session 23 Conditional Logic II
Session 24 Statement & Assumption Questions
Session 25 Statement & Conclusion Questions
Session 26 Statement & Course of Action Questions
Session 27 Cause and Effect Questions
Session 28 Types of statements - FIJ - I
Session 29 Types of statements - FIJ - II
Session 30 Question Type - Main Argument Based Question
Module 6 - Advance Problem Solving
Session 31 Question Type - Title of the passage
Session 32 Question Type - Inference Based Question
Session 33 Question Type - Impact of Evidences - I
Session 34 Question Type - Impact of Evidences - II
Session 35 Question Type - Assumption Based Questions
Session 36 Question Type - Logical Corollary I
Session 37 Question Type - Flaw in the arguments
Module 7- Extra Mile
Session 38 Question Type - Resolving Paradox
Session 39 Question Type - Summary Type
Session 40 Question Type - Point of Argument
Session 41 Question Type Degree of Falsity
Session 42 Question Type - Parallel Structure
Session 43 Solved Practise Questions -1
Module 8- Application Level 1
Session 44 Solved Practise Questions -2
Session 45 Solved Practise Questions -3
Session 46 Solved Practise Questions -4
Session 47 Solved Practise Questions -1
Module 9- Application Level 2
Session 48 Solved Practise Questions -2
Session 49 Solved Practise Questions -3
Session 50 Solved Practise Questions -4
Module 10 - Sectional Tests and Topic Test

About the Mentor

Siddharth Mehta

Siddharth Mehta

XLRI Jamshedpur

Teaching and Mentoring are Siddharth's passion and it gets reflected in every session of his. With his methodical yet practical problem solving approach, he makes learning easy and effective for the students. Follow his concepts and methods and just rest assured of doing well in the section.

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What students say about CR Nuggets

Arunoday Rai
NLSIU Bangalore, AIR 21 CLAT 2021

I bought your CR Nuggets course and my English and CR due to which I got a good rank improved drastically under your guidance. Your techniques like TRAPS, Elimination were amazing and I really want to thank you with all my heart and especially your strategy and doubt clearing sessions helped. No words to describe your help sir! Really, Thank you.

Gautam Raj
NLSIU Bangalore, AIR 25, CLAT 2021

I am really grateful for your guidance and mentorship. This score wouldn't have been possible without the gem that is CR Nuggets. Not only did it help in the logical section, but english and legal as well. It was a major score booster. I used your TRAPS strategy so many times and it worked almost every time. Even the day before the exam all I did was go through the notes I had made from your sessions. Forever grateful sir.

Krishnapriya N
NLSIU Bangalore, AIR 37, CLAT 2021

The course teaches all that's required to crack LR/CR, in a bite-sized and organized, yet comprehensive manner. Siddharth sir leaves no stone unturned, with prompt doubt-solving, daily practice questions, and regular tests.

Ashna K
NLSIU Bangalore, AIR 55, CLAT 2021

CR Nuggets Program is perfect to master the skills needed to crack CLAT. The videos are short making it easier to revise days before the exam. The sectional and topic tests are of the same level of difficulty as CLAT. The CR Nuggets Telegram group has passages and questions similar to those asked in CLAT. Siddharth Sir is an expert at CR and also at guiding students. His strategies and guidance made my journey to NLS easier.

Aastha M
NLSIU Bangalore, AIR 85, CLAT 2021

Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for us sir. I’m at a loss of words. No matter how many times I say it, CR Nuggets was a game changer for me. I got into NLSIU sir, and it wouldn’t have been possible without your guidance and support. I cannot express my gratitude enough . Thank you so so much again Sir

Aditya Singh
NLSIU Bangalore, AIR 76, CLAT 2021

Hello sir, Thank you for your guidance which was crucial in my selection. Your guidance enhanced my marks and also made me a more mature test taker. The course was wonderful in all aspects. Thank you for everything sir

Aryan Gupta
NLU D, AIR 26 - AILET 2021

Tackling the Critical Reasoning section in the new CLAT Pattern seemed an extraordinary task, but thanks to CL’s CR Nuggets programme, this section became my strongest section. The quality of the questions and material was unlike any course available and this honed my skills to a great level. Siddharth Sir’s videos provided clear analysis and lucid explanation that helped me crack both CLAT and AILET

Pranav Vinyak Jain
NLU D, AIR 53 - AILET 2021

Siddharth Sir knows exactly how to hit the nail on its head, his compact yet complete course helped me sail through the Logical Reasoning section of CLAT and AILET with absolute ease. The process in itself was super fun with Siddharth Sir’s unmatched exuberant style of teaching. His refined way of explaining concepts helped me curb even minor apprehensions I had towards certain areas. Highly grateful for his support!

Abhishek Dhakkad
NLU D, AIR 392 – AILET 2021

Cr Nuggets program initiated by Siddharth Mehta sir, helped me to ace one of the most complex section in law entrances i.e Critical reasoning. We got 35+ recorded sessions, anlaysing each concept in detail, live analysis of sectional tests and the most important feature of 24hrs doubt solving support. Personally I watched all the lectures at least 5 times. And all this helped me to perform my best on the exam day

Frequently Asked Questions?

Irrespective of the background, the course is for anyone who aims to score high in critical reasoning section.
The CR Nuggets for CLAT is a completely online course. You will understand the concepts through the videos that have right mix of funda and solved examples.
Yes, the program includes 5 live sessions for to help you hone your strategy for the exam.
The live sessions will have the chat facility to help you clear your doubts right there and then. The most common doubts will also be addressed in the form of doubt clearance videos.