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CLAT 2020

AIR 1, 2 in

AILET 2020

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CLAT 2020

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AILET 2020

What will you get with Legal 1000?

35+ Power-Packed Recorded Sessions

Performing well in your Legal Reasoning section in CLAT & other law entrance exams requires clarity in concepts. Our course structure and lectures ensures you gain this clarity.

5 Live Sessions

The Legal 1000 program includes webinars and guest lectures from experts to give you tips and tricks which can make a difference in the Legal Reasoning/Aptitude sections of your Law Entrance Exams.

Dedicated Telegram Group

To ace any section, it is important that you clear your doubts or queries and what better way to do it than with experts. The Legal 1000 program gives you access to our law mentors through Telegram groups.

Catch a glimpse of how Legal 1000 would help you ace the Legal Reasoning section

About Legal 1000

Legal 1000 brings to you the strategies of experts and gurus from CL-LST' to help you understand the tricks required to lead you to the right answers in the in lowercase and put it as Legal Reasoning section Law Entrance Exams. The Legal Reasoning/Aptitude section in CLAT consists of 25% of the paper i.e. approximately 35-39 questions. With the change in paper pattern, it is crucial right now to learn how to approach the Legal Reasoning section and how to crack it.

The Legal Reasoning/Aptitude section is not only significant for CLAT but also for other major law entrance exams such as AILET, SLAT, etc. In order to crack the section in all the exams, you need to work on your weaknesses and maximize your speed which is where Legal 1000 can benefit you. Legal 1000 is a program which offers you strategies on all law entrance exams at one place. This transformational program is your key to crack the legal section of CLAT and other Law Entrance Exams.

Course Structure

S.No. Topic No. of Videos
1 Introduction to Legal Reasoning 2
2 Introduction to Legal Knowledge 1
3 Contracts - Basic Principles 1
4 Contracts - Free Consent  1
5 Contracts - Special Contracts 1
6 Contracts - Practice Questions 1
7 Contracts - Caselet Discussion 1
8 The Constitution - Preamble and Articles 12, 13 1
9 The Constitution - Articles 14, 19, 20 and 21 1
10 The Constitution - Articles 32/226 & Writs 1
11 The Constitution - Emergency, Amendment, Judiciary and Elections 1
12 The Constitution - Practice Questions 1
13 The Constitution - Caselet Discussion  1
14 Torts - Basic Principles 1
15 Torts - Types  1
16 Torts - General Defences 1 1
17 Torts - General Defences 2 1
18 Torts - Vicarious Liability 1
19 Torts - Strict & Absolute Liability, Remoteness of Damage 1
20 Torts - Parctice Questions 1
21 Torts - Caselet Discussions 1
22 Criminal Law - Crime, Intention, Motive and Knowledge  1
23 Criminal Law - General Defences 1
24 Criminal Law - Theft, Cheating, Abetment, Conspiracy 1
25 Criminal Law - Murder and Culpable Homicide 1
26 Criminal Law - Wrongful Restraint, Wrongful Confinement, Dowry Death, Rape 1
27 Criminal Law - Sedition, Mischief, Bigamy, Kidnapping and Abduction 1
28 Criminal Law - Practice Questions 1
29 Criminal Law - Caselet Discussion 1
30 Miscellaneous 1 - Family Law and Property Law 1
31 Miscellaneous 2 - International Law, Consumer Law and IPR 1
32 Miscellaneous 3 - Practice Questions  1
33 Miscellaneous 4 - Caselet Discussion 1
34 CLAT 2020 - Legal Section  1
35 AILET 2020 - Legal Section 1
36 Legal Knowledge - Important topics for 2021 (Part 1) 1
37 Legal Knowledge - Important topics for 2021 (Part 2) 1

Program Details

Meet our Law Entrance Mentors


Suhasini is a National Law University (NLU) alumnus. She has trained over 1000+ aspirants in achieving their NLU dream. A gold medalist in Constitutional Law and Jurisprudence, she is the winner of International essay competition on International Arbitration. She loves to travel, write blogs and read books. She takes classes on legal Knowledge for CLAT and other law entrance exams. She conducts workshops and seminars for Law aspirants and parents on Law as a career.

Shreeyam Jain

Shreeyam is a National Law University (NLU) alumnus. She has over 3 years of experience of practising in district and high courts. A travelholic, she loves reading, writing blogs and watching cricket. She takes classes on Legal Knowledge for CLAT and other law entrance exams.

Amitendra Kumar

Product Head, Law School Tutorials (LST)

Amitendra is the academic head as well as a student mentor who loves to guide students towards success by helping them crack the entrance exams. He loves interacting with students, helping them with strategies & performance analysis to understand their strengths and to adapt. An avid reader, Amitendra writes on exams and colleges in newspapers and magazines regularly

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Legal 1000 Course consist of?

The Legal 1000 Course is a set of 35+ pre-recorded video lessons to ace the legal section in Law Entrance Exams. The sessions are carefully crafted to impart the right skillset that are needed to ace the CLAT and other law entrance exams right from basic concept lessons to strategy lessons. In addition to the recorded lessons, there would be live sessions where you can interact with Legal Experts.

How will the Legal 1000 be carried out?

The course is a completely online course. You will understand the concepts through the funda videos which will be followed by the strategy sessions and live classes to help you perform better in the actual exam.

What if I miss a live class?

If a student misses a live session, the same can be accessed in the recorded format in the account and can be viewed whenever and how many ever times a student requires.

How will my doubts be cleared?

The live sessions will have the chat facility to help you clear your doubts right there and then. The most common doubts will also be addressed in the form of doubt clearance videos.