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GK Daily Event Analysed

Detailed analysis of one Event every day which will help to improve your score in GK and eventually in the actual exam.

Weekly Revision Quiz

Practice does indeed make perfect. Get Weekly Revision Quiz to augment your preparation


Monthly compilation of all the events to revise everything at one place

Monthly Revision Quiz

Practice, practice & practice. Get Monthly Revision Quiz to augment your preparation

Weekly Video Analysis

Get an in-depth Weekly Video Analysis to understand the GK Section and perfect your test-taking strategy.

Trusted by the best

With the success rate of our students 6 times more than the national average, CL LST is trusted by law students across the country for CLAT preparation.

What will you get in GK Capsule?


LST Manthans

Subscribe to LST Manthan and get monthly GK Compendiums covering all current affairs event. Get event analysis of specific events for your CLAT preparation. These monthly compendiums will help you get over your fear of the "GK Section".


LST Daily

Subscribe to LST Daily and get daily news updates. It is important to keep yourself updated with what is happening around you. LST Daily is our newspaper to help you prepare for GK Daily.



Masterstroke is the best way to learn GK for entrance exams. Get weekly Live Sessions covering General Knowledge for both static and current affairs portion of Law Entrance Exams. Masterstroke is your winning shot for Current Affairs.

About LST GK Capsule

CL-LST brings to you your ultimate antidote to the CLAT 2.0 problem – LST GK Capsule.

25% of the CLAT 2021 paper will consist of General Knowledge and like CLAT 2020, instead of your basic direct multiple choice questions, you will get comprehension based questions. These comprehension based questions would consist of not only current affairs questions, but also static general knowledge questions.

With a new paper pattern, it becomes crucial to master each section to overcome the fear of the unknown. Having said that, it is important for you to realise that General Knowledge is one section which requires a lot of effort from your side. You need to pay attention to current affairs while maintaining a balance between learning the static portion and to top it you also now need to learn how to answer comprehension based question in this section without wasting any extra time

For this, you will have LST GK Capsule, which will cover event analysis of both current and static GK portion. With event analysis, monthly and weekly quizzes, weekly video analysis you don’t need to worry about GK anymore. To hit the boundary, you’ll also get Masterstroke classes.

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Top ranks in CLAT, AILET for 13 consecutive years

AIR 1, 2, 3 in CLAT 2020

AIR 1, 2 in AILET 2020

7 out of Top 10 Ranks in CLAT 2020

7 out of Top 10 Ranks in AILET 2020