About Us

LST is a premier institution in the field of law entrances and legal education. The organisation plays a critical role in developing legal education awareness through partnerships with top law schools. In 2004 LST joined hands with one of India's leading education corporate to expand its reach and capabilities even further. That corporate is Career Launcher, which was founded in 1992 by a group of IIM and IIT graduates. LST is now a division of Career Launcher and is present at more than 60+ cities in the country servicing close to 6500+ students every year. The rich experience of people, who have themselves been part of top law schools and have worked with leading industry organisations, has helped LST grow from a leading law training operation to a national leader, a pioneer in its field of education, and an incredibly successful business. 

In 2007 nearly 75% of all students entering the top law schools were LST alumni. In 2008, the Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) was conducted for the first time and the results for LST and LSTians turned out to be phenomenal. All India Rank 1 for the second consecutive year went to an LSTian. LSTians bagged 19 out of the top 20 and 92 out of the top 100 ranks. In 2010 LSTians secured the 20 ranks in CLAT, top 10 ranks in both NLU Delhi and NLU Orissa. In 2011, LSTians secured 18 of the top 20 ranks and 79 out of the top 100 ranks. LST in partnership with NALSAR, NLIU and GNLU has been carrying out legal awareness workshops, spreading awareness about careers in law and law schools itself. That speaks volumes for the credibilityofLST. 

LST today is a young and professional organisation that has resources across the country and a smart, experienced team that works to support law aspirants and law students through a wide variety of products and offerings. 

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