Notification from CLAT 2014 regarding updated answer key

  • Pursuant to uploading of the Answer (Key) for the CLAT 2014 Question Paper, kindly note the rectification in the most appropriate answer (Key) for the following questions:
       Q. 12: Correct Option is (D)
       Q. 76: Correct Option is (D)
       Q. 145: Correct Option is (D)

    Since the following questions have two plausible answers due to use of two different yet acceptable logic technique, it has been resolved to award marks for both the correct options:
       Q. 41: Correct options are - Either (B) or (D)
       Q. 131: Correct options are - Either (A) or (B)

    Hence, for Q.41 and Q. 131 the mark shall be awarded if either of the options is marked.