How to prepare for CLAT 2019 in 5 months?

Preparing for Common Law Aptitude Test (CLAT) is quite a commitment. But your discipline with sticking to the strategy will surely be rewarded. Before you plan, it is important to take care of the following aspects:

  1. The concept, pattern and syllabus of Common Law Admission Test (CLAT). Understand each of these clearly.
  2. Know where you stand. Take a Diagnostic CLAT/Free Mock to help yourself understand better and the level of preparedness required.
  3. There cannot be a common strategy. Everyone has a unique style of learning and thus, the plan will differ for everyone.

There cannot be a perfect answer to a perfect strategy. If you have already started your preparation for CLAT, then 10-12 hours per week will work for you. If you plan to start now, you will probably be required to spend 18-20 hours per week, depending on your level of comfort with the fundamentals.

How you decide to spend these 20 hours every week, will depend on how much time you put on weekdays and weekends, respectively. An ideal spend would be an equal distribution of 10 hours on weekdays and weekends.

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CLAT Subject-wise Study Plan

CLAT English including comprehension:

This section is designed to test your proficiency in the language based on comprehension and grammar. Your plan must focus on regular practice and to understand the fundamentals of contextual usage of grammar and vocabulary.

Read one newspaper everyday including the editorial. Never be complacent on this front and you must continue reading till the day of the exam.

Practice 2-3 passages per week. Regular practice will help you increase your speed and manage your time effectively. Practice para-jumbles questions and dedicate time to solve crossword puzzles. This helps you to gain experience in solving the jumbled sentences and the paragraphs.

CLAT Elementary Mathematics:

A BĂȘte Noire for many CLAT aspirants, this section otherwise is easy most of the times. Also, one must not forget the fact that law entrances including CLAT generally have questions based on the level of mathematics you have been taught in classes IX and Xth. The focus should be to strengthen your mental calculator. Ensure you spend time each day developing your mental math skills while you practice. Focus more on Arithmetic especially for CLAT. Set a target of 10-12 questions in the actual paper. Practice 10 questions each day.

CLAT Logical Reasoning:

This section is designed to test your ability to identify patterns and logical links. This section can be easily tamed if you practice regularly. It is important to work on how fast you can process the given information and find solutions. This is one section where you get better only with practice. Doing loads of problems in both Analytical and Critical reasoning on a weekly basis is needed.

CLAT General Knowledge including current Affairs:

Last five year, this section has steadily seen the focus on current affairs. Reading a newspaper daily holds key for this. Alongside, get hold of one monthly current affairs magazine. If you are planning to start now, better get the annual issue which will cover news and events from the previous months. Given the trend, focus more on months November- March, however, do not neglect April or May. CLAT has thrown surprises in last few years with questions on events two days before the exam. Always, revisit the questions in your Mock papers. In CLAT 2018, 30 out of 50 GK questions were directly or indirectly part of CL-LST Mocks or Manthan-our weekly GK supplement.

CLAT Legal Aptitude:

In the last few years, there has been a consistent focus on Legal knowledge questions in this section. Legal reasoning on the other hand is not about knowledge but as the name suggests, it’s about reasoning. Correct application of the given principle is a sure shot recipe to solve the questions in this section. Your comprehension skills also play a significant role here. Learn frequently used maxims or foreign words and important events in the field of law in India and around the world. Do not forget, the legal reasoning questions demand to get the most appropriate answer choice.

Finally, practice is the key to success in any exam and that holds true for CLAT too. Spend time judiciously and direct all your energies to your goal.

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