LST CLAT Test series

What is LST CLAT Test Series? Why take LST CLAT Test Series?

LST CLAT Test Series is a comprehensive preparation programme consisting of LST's custom designed Mock tests and assisted by a top-of-the-line e-learning platform to prepare students for the law schools entrance exams in May 2011. The new Mental Map and adaptive testing system ensure that your performance is constantly being tracked and analysed to help you streamline your prep and focus on weak areas.

Basis of the Test Series structure:

The Course Structure is based upon the pattern of Past Years Question Papers keeping in mind the pattern announced by CLAT.

The team spends considerable time reviewing the papers and customising the course structure based on the recent papers.

Online Features - Each student has access to a powerful online support platform called myLST.

myLST contains the following:

Exercises on all the areas taught in the Modules. These are customized to the needs of the student depending on his levels as indicated in the Diagnostic Tests 18 CLAT Mocks (Live and Online) to simulate the actual test experience. The tests are modelled on the projected patterns of CLAT and will give a student a first hand experience of what the CLAT will be like.

Periodically updated online study material / quizzes for vocabulary, GK and Legal Awareness.

Analysis and Feedback based on your performance in exercises and mocks. This feedback is customised to you. This analysis allows you to see, among other things:

  1. Your section-wise performance in the mocks
  2. Your sub-area wise performance in mocks as well as exercises.
  3. Your performance in mocks vis-a-vis other students. Students are issued national level rankings and given a percentile score to help evaluate themselves vis--vis others.

Support System

myLST also contains an easy-to-access forum on which you can post all your doubts and queries. Our team responds to these within 48hrs.

You have very active peer group interaction on the forum to exchange ideas on matters pertaining to studies and other areas.

The course design team:

A Team of Subject Area Experts in Consultation with Alumni of National Law School Bangalore. The core team has an average of 20 years of teaching experience. To learn more about the team visit


Rs. 4500/- Across India.

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