An exam like CLAT is not a test of "mugging up" power. It is a test of basic aptitude and a bit of General Knowledge. It tests how well you manage under pressure, against a racing clock, and with expectations weighing heavily on your shoulders. Remember, CLAT is the Godfather of law entrance exams. Expecting it to be easy might as well be the biggest mistake of your life.

The biggest enemy in CLAT exam is not “Maths” or “Legal Aptitude” or any other subject but time management- 120 minutes for 200 questions. Out of these 200 questions, 40 are from English, 50 from general knowledge, 50 legal, 40 logical reasoning, and 20 maths questions.

Head Spinning already? This is where the mock tests become relevant. Unless you sit in a simulated environment where you can feel the pressure of the speeding clock and the competition around, you can never figure out the time and preparation strategy.

Mocks are therefore, the key to success in the CLAT exam. Mock test acclimatize your body to work at maximum efficiency during the actual exam. Regardless of self-preparation or full-time coaching, one must definitely go for a good test series.

However, the most important thing to remember is that mock tests alone are never enough. This is not a school exam where you can write your answers, check your scores, and move on. Mock tests would be useless without feedback or analysis to help understand where you stand.

Finding out your mistakes is one of the vital parts of test-taking strategy. For example, in the Legal Aptitude Section, you might have selected the right answer or a wrong answer but in this section, knowing the right answer is not enough. Understanding the reasoning behind the correct answer is more important than the answer itself. You need to analyse whether or not, your understanding of the principle or its application is correct or incorrect.

Similarly, in Quantitative Aptitude section, one must know the solution and the fastest method to get that solution. As stated earlier, CLAT is not a test of just your knowledge. It is a test of your aptitude and therefore knowing the answer can never be enough. Clarity in concepts and the reasoning behind every correct and incorrect answer is essential, and this could be achieved only through mock tests.

CL LST Test Series program is designed to provide you with that and more. LST Test Series helps you to streamline the preparation by providing ample of practice. Seven out of top 10 rankers in CLAT (please include the the year) enrolled with CL LST Test Series Program. Some of the best features of the program include –

  • Total of 70 mocks (40 based on CLAT pattern and 30 other law entrance).

  • More than 5000 practice questions.

  • All India comparative ranking vis-à-vis other CLAT aspirants.

  • In depth analysis and report card to understand your strengths and weaknesses.

  • A unique tool for drill down analysis.

  • Access to weekly GK webinars.

  • Vocabulary updates.

  • Weekly legal update.

  • Exam alerts and notifications.

Be it offline or online CLAT exam, LST Test Series is your perfect preparation companion. Get this, CLAT 2019 was offline and not online, and LST was prepared to be your guide throughout the process.

Offline mock tests on an All India Level was organised to help students get over the panic which was created due to the sudden switch of CLAT exam to offline mode.

Mock tests are an intrinsic part of your strategy. CLAT could be the first entrance exam that you’re appearing, and therefore you must practice it well before sitting for it. This way, CLAT would feel like just another mock test

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